Arbeiten aus dem 2 OG

25.05.2018 - 27.05.2018

2 OG is an experimental hub located in Berlin-Mitte, that provides creative work space for artists and scientists and creates a public program at its exhibition space at the area of the ancient ‘Alte Münze’. By doing this, 2 OG is the center of independent cultural production at Molkenmarkt 2 and always interested in developing the area and its diverse facilities as well as opening it for the public.


CONETMPORARY OPPORTUNITIES shows an overview of the works from the artists residing at 2 OG in the fields of Painting, Sculpture, Performance, Media Art, Photography and Research.


Participants: Malte Bartsch, Julia Benz, Constantin Engelmann, Andi Fischer, Franziska Harnisch, Anton Henssen, Futur II, Martin Heise, Ioannis Kaltirimtzis, Lea Langenfelder, Anja Nitz, Anas Al Raddawi, Elisa Storelli, Jack Wolf.